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HUS is Finland’s largest provider of health care services and second largest employer. Our expertise is highly ranked internationally. We produce services for the nearly 1.6 million residents of our 24 member municipalities and have nationwide responsibility in certain areas of specialist medical care. Every year, half a million patients are treated at the 23 HUS hospitals. HUS’s annual turnover is about EUR 2 billion, and we employ about 22,500 professionals.
The Red Cross helps when a catastrophe or an accident occurs and trains people to be prepared. The organization encourages people to look after their own well-being and to take care of each other. 4500 Red Cross volunteers in Finland help people who are dealing with an accident or other crisis.
The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK) is an impartial, non-profit expert on safety, which generates knowledge and develops, educates and shapes the opinions of society. In cooperation with its members, SPEK promotes the safety of citizens and communities and creates a framework for voluntary activities within the safety sector. Cooperation is the basis of a safe society is the vision of SPEK. The objective of our work is to help people and organizations to prevent accidents, to do the emergency planning and to know what to do in emergencies.Our voluntary fire brigade services involves ca. 6000 persons in Uusimaa/southern Finland and in whole country ca. 33 000 persons.